Why San Diego is a good travel destination

If you are looking for a travel destination in the USA, then San Diego should be top on your list. It is also referred to as America’s finest city. San Diego has a good weather and so many activities. Especially my friend who owns https://rxcatering.net, he is always telling me how great his trips to San Diego are! Everyone is catered for in this city. It has great cultural institutions,  beautiful beaches, museums and many more. Here is why San Diego is a good travel destination.


This is one of San Diego’s attractions. It is a themed pack with an aquarium. It is a great destination for family holidays. While in Legoland, the kids will have so much fun as there are activities organized with them in mind.  The pack also has great hotels and so you don’t have to look for accommodation elsewhere.

Great beaches

There is nothing as beautiful as lying on a beach and enjoying the breeze. America’s Finest City has lots of beaches  to choose from. You can even hop from one to another  and get a feel for a number of them. Some of the best beaches include Coronado and Mission beach which is well known for water sports.


Hiking is one way of staying healthy and San Diego has great hikes. Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail, Cowles mountain and Iron mountain trail are just a few of them. Hiking is also an opportunity for photo lovers, to take pictures of the beautiful area.

Beautiful hotels

After visiting the great beaches and hikes, you will need to a good hotel to relax. Best travel destinations must have good hotels and San Diego is home to great hotels.  You can easily find a beautiful hotel  that is within your budget.




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