Are You Ready to Hire an Estate Planning Attorney?


An estate planning attorney will help you draw up the legal documents necessary to express your end-of-life wishes for your family and assets. These documents are typically quite extensive and complex, and can be costly to prepare. For this reason, it’s important to select an attorney who offers competitive rates and will take the time to explain the cost of services before starting work.

In addition to drafting your documents, an estate planning attorney will help you reduce your exposure to estate and inheritance taxes. He or she will also assist the executor of your estate in transferring assets to your beneficiaries and will help you navigate the probate process should that be necessary.

When selecting an estate planning attorney, be sure to look for one who has extensive experience in your state and locale. Additionally, choose a lawyer who has passed the bar in your state, as laws differ by location. A good source for referrals is your network of friends and family, who will likely know an estate planning attorney that they are happy with.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of attorneys, ask for a consultation to discuss your needs and assets. The best estate lawyers will begin the meeting with an overview of their practice and explain how they’ll approach your case. They’ll then ask you about your family structure, financial situation and goals. Then, they’ll go over your options for achieving those goals.

While the cost of an estate planning attorney can be high, it’s worth the investment to ensure that your family and assets are protected. Additionally, an estate plan can help ease the burden of probate for your loved ones.

The most popular services offered by an estate planning attorney include writing a will, setting up trusts, and establishing power of attorney documents. The best estate lawyers in Chicago can draft these documents for you and help you minimize your exposure to estate, inheritance, and gift taxes. They can even help you protect your assets from creditors and heirs who are facing debt or divorce.

Whether you’re a small business owner or are considering the possibility of retirement, you need an estate planning attorney to make sure that your goals are clearly documented. These attorneys can help you create a will and trust that will ensure your assets are passed on to the people who matter most to you.

They can also help you set up a charitable trust for tax benefits, disinherit spouses and children, and minimize taxes. The attorneys at Davis & Associates Attorneys at Law have extensive experience in these areas and can provide you with the advice you need to protect your family’s interests. For more information, contact us today. We’re committed to helping our clients find the right attorney for their unique situations. We also offer legal plan benefits, which give you access to a network of top-rated attorneys. Click to learn more about how our legal plan benefits can benefit you.